Organizing Committee

Chief Patron

Prof. H.D. Charan
Vice Chancellor , Bikaner Technical University, 


Dr. Jai Prakash Bhamu
Principal, Govt. Engineering College,

Dr. S. K. Bansal
Dean, University College of Engineering & Technology,
Bikaner Technical University, Bikaner

Dr. Y. N. Singh
University College of Engineering & Technology, Bikaner

Organizing Secretary

Dr. Sudhir Bhardwaj
Convener, ICC 2019 
Univ. College of Engineering & Technology, Bikaner  


Dr. M. S. Shekhawat
Govt. Engineering College Bikaner

Dr. Bhuvneshwer Suthar
Co-Convener, ICC 2019
M. L. B. Govt. College, Nokha


Dr. Alka Swami, UCET, Bikaner
Dr. Alok Vyas, Govt. Polytechnic College, Bikaner
Mrs. Garima Prajapat, GECB, Bikaner
Dr. Mahendra Vyas, GECB, Bikaner
Dr. Naveen Sharma, GECB, Bikaner
Mr. Pankaj Jain, GECB, Bikaner
Dr. Praveen Purohit, GECB, Bikaner
Dr. Preeti Naruka, GECB, Bikaner
Dr. Ruma Bhadoria, UCET, Bikaner
Dr. Shivangi Bissa, GECB, Bikaner
Dr. Shiv Kumar Tak, Bikaner
Dr. Shoukat Ali, GECB, Bikaner
Dr. Suresh Purohit, GECB, Bikaner
Dr. Vijay Makar, GECB, Bikaner
Dr. Vijay Sharma, GECB, Bikaner

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The scientific deliberations at the conference will cover a wide range of topics in condensed matter physics, in the form of Keynote talk, invited talks and contributory papers.